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Congress 2023: Complimentary Community Passes for Black and Indigenous Members

Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences is Canada’s largest gathering of academics, and one of the largest in the world. It’s a place to hold critical conversations and hear from a diverse set of voices, share findings, refine ideas, and build partnerships to help shape the Canada of tomorrow. Congress 2023 will include a rich suite of open programs, including 4 Big Thinking lectures with Black and Indigenous speakers, 20 professional development workshops in Career Corner, and over 200 other open programs and exhibitions. 

To attend open programs, you will need to register as a community attendee, but this year the cost of community passes will be waived at registration for Black and Indigenous community members. Community members are students, faculty, educators, friends, family, and members of the public who are only attending open programs. 

Learn more and register here


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