NABC & FFBC Pre-Budget Submission

The Network for the Advancement of Black Communities (NABC) and Foundation For Black Communities (FFBC) have submitted seven recommendations for consideration in the upcoming 2023 Federal Budget.


  1. Invest $500 million over 3 years in recovery funding for Black-led and Black-focused non-profits and grassroots organizations.
  2. Invest $1 billion in affordable housing for Black communities.
  3. Invest $150 million to establish a Black Community Spaces Fund to build new community and cultural spaces.
  4.  Develop and implement equitable immigration policy and invest $75 million in settlement of people of Continental African descent.
  5. Invest $55 million annually in an African Canadian seniors’ program.
  6. Invest $25 million annually in the Mental Health for Black Canadians Fund.
  7. Invest $125 million over 5 years through the department of women & gender equality to renew and extend its Capacity Building funding stream for organizations serving women and gender diverse people.

Read the full written submission here

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