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Petition: Tell Parliament to Fund Shelter Space for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

It’s no secret that Toronto’s housing crisis has pushed our shelter system to its brink. Toronto’s shelter system has a budget gap of $414 million for this year alone. The City budget includes 500 shelter spaces for refugees and asylum seekers per night – but this is less than one-fifth of the spaces needed to serve over 2,800 people.

Black-led churches have had to step up and house newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers. However, this isn’t a permanent solution and the Federal Government needs to fulfill its responsibility of providing $97 million in promised funding for shelter and housing programs for refugees and asylum seekers.

Use this tool, to send a message directly to your Member of Parliament and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling on them to fulfill their responsibilities and to deliver funding and support for refugees and people seeking asylum.

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