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Sector Seeks Consensus and a Louder Voice in Ottawa

Over the course of two days in Ottawa, representatives from the charitable and non-profit sector, including the Network for the Advancement of Black Communities (NABC), participated in an experiment to unite their voices and advocate for the sector. The goal was to address longstanding challenges, including dissension, polarization, and the sector’s marginalization in government budgets. The gathering generated energy and revealed a sector that is rapidly maturing.

After two days of discussion, the sector settled on four key themes for the 2024 budget:

  • Federal funding and administration of funding: This might include advocating for a 10-year extension of the Community Services Recovery Fund, supporting the sector’s adaptation to pandemic challenges.
  • Under the broad topic of data: Participants emphasized the importance of data collection to understand the sector, inform public policy, and ensure effective resource allocation.
  • A labour-force strategy: Suggestions included promoting the sector as an employment pathway for immigrant women and providing tax benefits for sector employees.
  • A home in government: Debate on the housing and structure of a government office for non-profits.

Taking inspiration from the successful Green Budget Coalition, the sector aims to present cohesive and specific recommendations that demonstrate public benefit. The challenge is to appeal to all political parties while maintaining sector-wide cohesion.

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