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A catalyst for collective change and wisdom

The Network for the Advancement of Black Communities (NABC) aspires to build a strong and sustainable Black community sector by enabling the conditions for systems change.

We do this collaboratively through network convening, knowledge mobilization, service coordination, evaluation, learning, policy, research, and smart grantmaking. 

NABC provides innovative support to organizations and groups to strengthen their adaptive capacity to be effective participants and leaders in driving positive outcomes for Black communities locally, regionally, and nationally. 

We care about the collective impact of NABC as a network. Critical to this endeavour is our ability to generate collaborative learning, policy analyses, and learning opportunities through the use of data, evaluation, and advocacy in the Black community sector.








Long-standing systemic challenges confronting Black Communities cannot be addressed unless we tackle the underlying causes. Through our systems thinking, network impact, and systems change approaches, we provide organizations and leaders with a range of tools to address systemic challenges.

Learning is at the core of systems change. We provide innovative supports to organizations and groups to strengthen their adaptive capacity to be effective participants and leaders in driving positive outcomes for Black Communities.

Training, complemented with mentoring, coaching and other learning effectiveness activities, is key to building individual and organizational capacity.  The training we offer through workshops, webinars, etc. is complemented with access to high quality capacity building resources and tools.
Our evaluative activities, beyond the provision of expertise and advice to organizational leaders, include collaborative efforts to integrate Africentric values in the field of evaluation.

Our network brings together organizations, groups, partners, funders and allies to create optimal conditions for collaboration. Through network weaving and convening, and network capacity building activities, we engage in order to address root causes of systemic challenges of Black Communities.

Our government relations and public policy work aims at advancing the interests of Black Communities in creating transformative relationships with governments and sector allies to address long-standing systemic challenges confronting our communities.

We generate, synthesize and disseminate knowledge that impacts programs, organizational practices and government policies.

We provide service coordination supports under the Enhanced Ontario Black Youth Action Plan to various clusters of Black-led organizations providing various services to children, youth and families.

We work with Black-led organizations, governments, philanthropic and sector allies to design and implement grants that build organizational and collective capacity in Black-led organizations, networks and grassroots. Our grantmaking practices create collaborative opportunities for learning and deepening impact.

Human Trafficking Prevention Seminar

The Durham Regional Police Service has partnered with the African Canadian Cultural Council Foundation and Indo-Canadian Cultural Association of Durham to present on human trafficking prevention, awareness, and intervention.

Date: Saturday, July 23, 2022

Register here

Day of Mindfulness for Black Parents and Families

Join Tulsi Pathway & Afro Canadian Caribbean Association for a fun, full day of mindfulness for Black parents and their families at Adinkra Farm. Enjoy mindfulness activities, games, music, and art for the whole family.

Date: Saturday, July 9, 2022

Register here

Black Youth Gala

The Toronto Youth Cabinet is holding its first Black Youth Gala to fill an identified gap for Black youth, whose accomplishments and contributions to the City are rarely recognized at events with similar objectives. 

Date: Friday, June 24, 2022

Register here

Our Impact

“Having led a network of 11 Rwandan Canadian agencies during the pandemic, I can’t imagine what the pandemic would have been like for our members without the Network’s support. 

The Network for the Advancement of Black Communities (NABC)’s support allows our member agencies to deliver much needed COVID-19 Emergency Support, and as we transition into the recovery phase, NABC continues to support our work by offering facilitation programs & services, such as capacity building training, collaborative support, and perhaps more importantly; NABC continues to represent African Canadian community issues at the decision tables, while working to influence policy change in various areas at local, regional and federal levels.”

Kizito Musabimana
Founder & Executive Director of the Rwandan Canadian Healing Centre

Nafisa Mohamed (She/Her)
Grants and Special Projects Coordinator

Sarah Mekonen (She/Her)
Communications & Digital
Content Coordinator

Abubacar Fofana León (He/Him)
Senior Coordinator for Knowledge Mobilization and Community Engagement

Rosemary Erskine (She/Her)
Senior Coordinator for Organizational Development and Technical Assistance

Minnie Karanja (She/Her)
Director of Government Relations and Public Policy

Denise Challenger (She/Her) 
Director of Network Weaving and Communication 

Yonatan Ghebray (He/Him)
Senior Director of Evaluation, Learning and Quality Improvement

amanuel melles (He/Him)
Executive Director

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